Creature information
Name : Babookari
Time period : 5 million years in the future
Primary diet : Omnivore
Ancestor : Uakari
In the series
Fatalities caused : Several fish
Appearances : 1.1. Welcome to the Future
1.4. Prairies of Amazonia
Babookaris are land-dwelling, social primates that live on the Amazonian Prairies 5 million years in the future.


Babookaris are intelligent land-dwelling primates that have evolved from the present day uakari. As the Amazon Rainforest disappeared, the formerly tree-bound primates evolved to cope with their new environment. These primates live a lifestyle similar to that of the present day baboon and look similar to a baboon. Babookaris move in a quadrupedal stance.

Babookaris are swift and agile animals. They have to be in order to avoid being caught by predators like Carakillers. When escaping predators, they scatter. If they succeed in escaping a predator, they rejoin and return to their daily lives.

Babookaris are very intelligent animals
FIW1x4 BabookarisScatter

The Babookari troop scattering from the Carakillers. (1.4. Prairies of Amazonia)

. They have learnt how to catch fish via nets made of twigs and sticks woven together. The fish hide in the nets to escape predators and the Babookaris take out the nets to eat the contents. The adults pass on this skill from generation to generation.

Babookaris closely resemble baboons. They have hairy manes around their necks. They also have a blue anus which is used to tell other troops where they are.

In The Future Is WildEdit

Prairies of AmazoniaEdit

A Babookari troop was seen patrolling the Amazonian Prairies until they encountered a hunting pack of Carakillers.  When the Carakillers caught sight of the primates, they fled.  The Carakillers pursued the Babookaris and ambushed a member of the troop.  The individual was caught and killed.  The corpse was then fed on by the Carakiller pack.  Afterwards, the remaining Babookaris returned to the local lake to check their fishing nets from food.  The monkeys retrieved their nets from the water and fed on the contents.

FIW1x4 BabookarisCheckingNetForFish

An elder Babookari checking the contents of a net for fish while an adolescent learns nearby. (1.4. Prairies of Amazonia)

Later, the Babookari troop came across a Rattleback which mounted an aggressive, territorial display.  Even though it was aimed at the Babookaris, the primates were still intimidated and scattered.

During a storm, the Babookari troop rested underneath a lone tree.  Despite the loud lightning, they remained at the tree.  However, when they caught the scent of smoke, they fled in the opposite direction.


  • Babookaris are the only primates to appear in the series.