Creature information
Name : Carakiller
Time period : 5 million years in the future.
Primary diet : Carnivore
Ancestor : Caracara
In the series
Fatalities caused : One Babookari
Several burning animals
Appearances : 1.1. Welcome to the Future
1.4. Prairies of Amazonia
Carakillers are large, flightless birds that live on the Amazonian Prairies 5 million years from now.  They are the top predators in South America.


Carakillers are large, flightless birds standing over 2 metres tall.  These animals are descendants of the present day Caracara even though they resemble a group of extinct birds called Phorusrhachidae, commonly known as terror birds.  As the Amazon Rainforest had disappeared, they have evolved to cope with the new environment.  This includes losing the ability to flight, evolving a hooked claw on its arms and becoming way larger.  Carakillers are very fast and agile animals, capable to chase down and kill any animal they come across.  These large birds hunt in packs and use ambush to dispatch their prey.  Several individuals drive the prey item towards a hidden member of the pack who then slaughters the prey.  They kill using their powerful beaks.

FIW1x4 CarakillersChaseBabookaris

Carakillers chasing down a troop of Babookaris. (1.4. Prairies of Amazonia)

Female Carakillers lay their eggs in a single nest to prevent egg theives from eating the eggs.  The lead male protects the eggs, only leaving them when he needs to feed.  The male protects the eggs until they are hatched.

Carakillers have two small arms with several small feathers attached to its biceps.  A Carakiller has a large hooked claw on each hand.  This claw is reminiscent to that of which the dinosaurs - the Carakiller's ancient ancestors - had.

In the case of a fire, Carakillers stay near the fire to feed on the burning casualties like modern day storks.  However, their swift movements allow them to stay one step ahead of the flames.

In The Future Is WildEdit

1.4. Prairies of AmazoniaEdit

FIW1x4 CarakillersFeedingInFire

A Carakiller feeding on burning animals in a fire. (1.4. Prairies of Amazonia)

A pack of Carakillers was seen patrolling their territory looking for food.  They found a troop of Babookari and intentionally spooked them.  The pack pursued the primates and drove them into a hidden individual.  The lone Carakiller then caught a Babookari and killed it.  The rest of the pack joined the Carakiller and feasted on and fought over the corpse.

A nest of Carakiller eggs were discovered by a foraging Rattleback.  As the Rattleback attempted to roll an egg away to eat, the lead male Carakiller returned and attacked the Rattleback.  However, the rodent's thick armour plating protected itself from the livid bird.

When a severe fire struck the Amazonian Prairies, the Carakiller pack stayed near the flames and fed on the casualties.  They were safe as they could outrun the fire.