This article is about the South American species of Rattleback.  For the North American species, see here.
Creature information
Name : Rattleback
Time period : 5 million years in the future
Primary diet : Omnivore
Ancestor : Agoutis and pacas
In the series
Appearances : 1.1 Welcome to the Future
1.4 Prairies of Amazonia
Rattlebacks are large armoured rodents that live on the Amazonian Prairies 5 million years in the future.


Rattlebacks are relatively large rodents.  They are distinguished for their thick armour plates covering its body.  The material the plates are made from keratin, a material made of finely compressed hairs.  Rattleback armour is primarily used for protection against predators like Carakillers but they can also be used for mating.  Two males would rattle their armour and who ever makes the loudest noise win the right to mate.  On each side of its body, a Rattleback possesses several sharp spines.  These spines are used to lock the Rattleback into the ground.  It is nearly impossible to dislodge it.

FIW1x4 RattlebackProtectedFromCarakiller

A Carakiller failing to kill a Rattleback after it attempted to steal one of its eggs. (1.4. Prairies of Amazonia)

Rattlebacks are omnivorous creatures.  They mainly feed on roots and tubers but they can also feed on Carakiller eggs if they got the opportunity.  Even if a Carakiller did catch the Rattleback its armour would prevent any harm to it.

Rattleback armour is also fireproof.  As fires are common on the prairies, Rattlebacks has evolved to cope with the conditions.  Having fireproof armour is important as Rattlebacks cannot outrun the fires due to the sheer weight it has to carry.

In The Future Is WildEdit

1.4. Prairies of AmazoniaEdit

A Rattleback was seen unintentionally scaring off a troop of Babookaris.  He was actually trying to scare off another male who invaded his territory.  The two Rattlebacks rattled their armour at each other and the owner of the territory emerged victorious.

FIW1x4 RattlebackHidesFromFire

A Rattleback protecting itself from an approaching fire. (1.4. Prairies of Amazonia)

Later, a Rattleback found a large nest of Carakiller eggs.  It attempted to roll one away to eat but was caught by a male Carakiller.  The bird tried to kill the Rattleback but the rodent's thick armour plating did its job.  As the Carakiller was distracted by a lightning bolt, the Rattleback escaped.

During a fire, a Rattleback crouched on the ground, waiting for the wall of fire to pass.  The Rattleback's fireproof armour saved it from the fire and when the storm passed, the Rattleback wandered off.


  • The Rattleback is the largest and heaviest of the two Rattleback species.