Creature information
Name : Shagrat
Time period : 5 million years in the future
Primary diet : Herbivore
Ancestor : Marmot
In the series
Appearances : 1.1. Welcome to the Future
1.2. Return of the Ice
Shagrats are sheep-sized rodents that live on the Northern Icesheets 5 million years in the future.


Shagrats are large rodents.  As the Earth fell into another Ice Age, they have adapted to thrive in the frozen wasteland.  These rodents have very long, thick and shaggy fur used for insulation.  They also have a thick layer of body fat, also used to prevent heat loss.  Shagrats are equipped with other methods of preserving body heat like small ears, stocky bodies and short tails.

Shagrats travel in large herd of about a dozen animals.  These animals often hundled together for warmth.  These herds of Shagrats would travel miles for even a mouthful of vegetation.  Despite their size, these animals were not completely safe.  Sick, old or young Shagrats are under threat of the intense cold and of predators like Snowstalkers.

In The Future Is WildEdit

FIW1x2 ShagratHerdEnduringBlizzard

The Shagrat herd enduring the blizzard. (1.2. Return of the Ice)

1.2. Return of the IceEdit

A herd of Shagrats were seen travelling through the tundra before finding several small patches of vegetations hidden beneath the thick snow.  Later, they are seen travelling through an intense blizzard.  A sick individual was left behind and was stalked and attacked by a Snowstalker.  The predator followed the wounded Shagrat until it died of a combination of shock and blood loss.

During the brief summer months, two Snowstalker cubs surrounded a lone Shagrat in order to learn how to hunt.  The mother later finished off the struggling animal.


  • Shagrats are the largest rodents to appear in the series.